Traditional Braces

There are a number of reasons why we might recommend that you consider orthodontic appliances, commonly known as braces, but vanity is not one of them.

A bad bite, called malocclusion, can result from an accident, a premature loss of teeth, a childhood habit of thumbsucking and more. It can also result from improper jaw alignment or teeth that are crowded, crooked, or protruding.

Possible side effects of malocculsion include:

Interference with speaking clearly

Difficulty in brushing and flossing thoroughly leading to infection and tooth loss

Incomplete chewing of food causing digestive problems

Abnormal wear to tooth enamel

Jaw trouble

you may wear a retainer until the teeth are permanently in position. The designer braces of today can either diminish their own presence—with clear or tooth-colored brackets—or add some fun to your life with brackets shaped like hearts and footballs. In some cases, they can be attached to the back of your teeth or even be removable.

Orthodontic appliance advances have made braces more comfortable than they used to be and in need of fewer adjustments.

We know that braces are an additional expense to families and we offer flexible payments. If you think you or a member of your family is a candidate for braces, we encourage you to consult with us about treatment options and payment strategies.

Oral health is a lifetime investment. And having a great smile is a tremendous additional benefit.