Teeth Whitening

Most people desire brighter and whiter teeth. Many studies show that people associate whiter smiles with health, happiness, and success. For these reasons, teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure in the world, and the popularity of teething whitening treatments is growing every year. While at home teeth whitening can produce some results, professional teeth whitening is a safer and more effective method of getting whiter teeth.

What causes teeth to become stained?

There are many external factors that can cause teeth to appear yellow or dull. In most situations, teeth become so discolored and stained that professional teeth whitening is the only method for returning them to their original whiteness.

The biggest contributor to discolored teeth is smoking. Not only is it bad for your health, but the nicotine will stain your teeth yellow and affect your beautiful smile. Certain food and drinks are also responsible for the changing color of our teeth.

Many food and drink items (such as coffee, carrots, and red wine) contain tannins which are natural colorants. Over time, the color from these can transfer to our teeth. Other contributors to the changing color of our teeth include excessive exposure to high levels of fluoride, heavy or prolonged usage of antibiotics, and decay to our teeth.

Types of teeth whitening

Recognizing the desire for whiter teeth, many manufacturers have developed teeth whitening products within the dental market, including kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes. However, these types of products are restricted to using much lower concentrations of bleaching agents, making them less effective in achieving whiter results.

By comparison, take-home professional kits or in-office whitening allow higher-grade bleaching agents which can achieve a brighter, whiter shade for your teeth. Professional, in-office whitening is considered to be the most superior option that can deliver the best results. During a professional whitening, we are also able to ensure the whitening agent is applied evenly to every tooth, so patients get more effective and consistent results.

What happens during an in-office teeth whitening process?

In-office teeth whitenings are straightforward, painless, and convenient with each session carried out in less than 90 minutes.

Before whitening your teeth, patients will need to attend a consultation with Dr. Young and the EQ Dental team, where we will assess the patient’s dental health to ensure that any necessary restorative treatments are carried out ahead of the whitening procedure.

Patients will also need their teeth thoroughly cleaned ahead of each whitening procedure. This will ensure patients will achieve the best results possible from their treatment. The most common process of whitening involves pasting the whitening agent on the teeth, then using a special light which creates a chemical reaction to whiten the teeth.

How many teeth whitening sessions will I need?

Every patient’s teeth are unique, and therefore, so is every course of treatment that we recommend. The number of whitening sessions a patient requires will depend on the starting shade of his or her teeth, and the final shade the patient wishes to achieve. During your initial consultation appointment, we will give you an estimated treatment timeline.

Dr. Young and the team at EQ Dental are pleased to offer superior teeth whitening services at Fort Worth, TX office. To find out more, or to make an appointment, please call our team today at 817-741-4567.