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Composite or Amalgam Fillings

At EQ Dental, we can restore your tooth after it has been damaged from decay using a durable filling material that should last several years. The commonly used material for dental fillings include composite and amalgam. Dr. Young can discuss the pros and cons of each material, helping you make the right choice for your situation.

What is composite filling?

Thomas Young, DDS examining a mouth with fillings in Keller, TXComposite is a blend of quartz that has been mixed with a resin. In the past this material was thought to be not as strong as amalgam, but it has greatly advanced. Patients love this material because it is durable, strong, and is able to be colored to match their tooth, making the restoration nearly invisible. Additionally, composite sticks to the tooth, and bonds to the surface, meaning he is able to remove just the decayed portion before filling.

The pros to composite filling include:

•  good durability
•  resistance to fracture in small-to-mid size restorations
•  ok to use on teeth that use moderate chewing pressure
•  more aesthetically pleasing in color and ability to hide
•  has a unique ability to bond directly to the tooth surface
•  requires Dr. Young to remove less of the natural tooth structure vs. amalgam

What is amalgam filling?

Amalgam is the traditional metal material used for filling teeth. In fact, records show that this material has been used for at least 200 years! Using a metal alloy blend, Dr. Young uses amalgam for teeth that are difficult to work on and have a high pressure chewing position. Increasingly less used, Amalgam does still have a place in dentistry.

The pros to composite filling include:

•  its ability to be placed wet, composite requires being placed dry
•  the durability of the material for high impact chewing pressure
•  it has a good long term durability

The downside to Amalgam fillings is that it does not bond to the walls of the natural tooth, often require that more tooth structure be removed to create a space that will hold the filling in place.

What is the process to receiving my filling?

When meeting with Dr. Young, he will start with an examination including dental x-rays. During this time, he will review his findings, and discuss the best course of action, including answering any questions you have. If treatment has been decided, he will begin by applying anesthetic to the tooth that requires the filling. He will then remove any decay that is present and prepare the tooth for either the composite or amalgam filling. This process is relatively painless and fast. You may leave feeling numb, but should experience little to no discomfort within a couple of hours.

Can composite filling be used to make other repairs on my teeth?

You may have heard of some of the wonders of composite filling. Besides filling a decayed tooth, we can do more! Dr. Young is able to make simple repairs to your teeth using this quartz and resin blend that are strong and durable.

Composite filling material can be used to repair front teeth that have chipped, fractured, or worn. We can fill gaps and cover teeth that have been stained. Where possible, aesthetic bonding of composite material to front teeth is generally much less expensive than veneers or crowns. However, bonding typically does not last as long as veneers or crowns.

If your tooth is sensitive for a week or more it is important to call our office at (817) 741-4567 so we can examine the tooth and determine if additional treatment is needed.

For more information on fillings, and the materials we can use, contact Thomas Young, DDS, at our Keller, TX 76244 office or by calling the front desk at EQ Dental. (817) 741-4567

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