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Your Smile Can Make You Look More Trustworthy

Posted on 5/17/2016 by Dr. Thomas Young
A woman happy with her new dental veneers.A good smile can make you look more attractive, successful, and smarter, but did you know that it could actually make you appear more trustworthy, as well?

It's true - psychologists with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology recently examined the human smile as a communication tool, and they confirmed that putting on an honest smile that appears to be genuine can cause people to cooperate with you.

This is all because they perceive you as trustworthy, so if you are in a business in which trust is essential, such as sales, improving your smile might be in your best interest.

Improving Your Smile Can Make People trust You More

If you improve your smile, you could see drastic improvements in the way that other people respond to you, including your trustworthiness. There are a variety of treatment options out there that can help you to improve your smile and reap these benefits:

•  Dental bonding. If you have minor imperfections to your mouth, such as stains, small chips, or a tiny gap, dental bonding can correct these issues.
•  Veneers. Dental veneers are used in the front of your mouth, and they consist of thin, porcelain shells that are fixed to the front of your teeth. This can change the structure, color, and appearance of your entire smile.
•  Braces. Are your teeth crooked, crowded, or gapped? Braces can help to move them into their desired location.
•  Invisalign. If you want to straighten your teeth more discreetly, the clear, plastic aligner system offered by Invisalign is a great option to help you correct your smile without telling the world.

If you are looking to make new friends or business connections, a beautiful new smile can go a long way in making others to trust and believe in you. Contact our office about different ways we can help to improve your smile today.
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