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Three Simple Ways to Avoid Fillings that You Can Start Right Now

Posted on 2/27/2016 by Dr. Thomas Young
A woman drinking water to keep herself hydrated.Are you under the impression that cavities are sometimes inevitable? This simply isn't true, as there are a variety of ways that you can prevent the development of cavities in your mouth. In fact, you can start some of them right now!

Don't Graze
Do you have a habit of grazing on snacks all day or nursing a soda for hours? If so, your teeth are constantly going to be coated in sugars and food debris. This means that they will essentially be in danger at all times. Instead, designate a certain snack time or a coffee break period, and after you've enjoyed your food or drink of choice, rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth.

Brush More Often

The daily recommendation from the ADA is that you brush your teeth at least twice per day: once in the morning and once at night. However, who says that you can't brush more than that? You will provide your teeth with even more protection if you brush more often, including after meals and snacks. However, you may want to wait for an hour or so, especially if you ate highly acidic foods, as brushing could cause the vulnerable enamel to brush away.

Stay Hydrated
Water is one of the only beverages that you can drink that won't create an acid-rich environment in your mouth. Drinking coffee, juice, or soda will leave the enamel weakened and susceptible to decay, but if you switch out these drinks for water you'll be giving your teeth some major protection. Drink water after meals and rinse out your mouth with it any time you have a snack, and you will likely reduce the chance that you might need a filling in the near future.

Do you have questions about how to better protect your teeth? please call our office today for more information.
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